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once upon a time this was strictly a glee blog, now i'm not so sure

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LOL fanboys everywhere are so. Angry. Right. Now.

i love this photo so much

"I don’t care what your culture is. Inhumanity is inhumanity is inhumanity. Prejudice is prejudice is prejudice."

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking to U.S. and international LGBT advocates about how human rights must trump outdated social customs. Whoa. (via ABC News)

2014 FIFA World Cup: Round of 16 fixtures

World Cup 2014: Round of 16

June 28

Brazil vs Chile

Uruguay vs Colombia

June 29

Mexico vs Netherlands

Greece vs Costa Rica

June 30

France vs Nigeria

Germany vs Algeria

July 1 

Argentina vs Switzerland

USA vs Belgium

The USMNT in Brazil so far

The USMNT in Brazil so far

what’s the point of even living in ohio if i can’t meet hillary clinton when she’s here

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i can’t go to hillary clinton’s book signing on friday i want to die

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USA and Germany only need a draw result to qualify.


Ghana and Portugal both played well against the US and I hope they play well against each other, too.
Like, exactly as well as each other.